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The 2nd China Manufacturing 2025 Summit Forum and Top Ten Quality Awards Ceremony, Kanghe was awarded the Top 100 Brands in Chin


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The 2nd China Manufacturing 2025 Summit Forum and Top Ten Quality Awards Ceremony, Kanghe was awarded the Top 100 Brands in Chin


On November 13, 2016, the 2nd "Second China Made 2025 Summit Forum and Top Ten Quality Awards Ceremony" jointly hosted by CCTV-2 Discovery "Quality" column, Economic Observer and Phoenix International Think Tank The Beijing National Convention Center was held with the theme of “Manufacturing and Manufacturing”. The current summit forum Shandong Kanghe Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials was selected as one of the top 100 brands in China, and the general manager Mr. He Shumin was invited to attend.


This forum mainly focuses on the dilemma of manufacturing transformation and innovation, the integration of manufacturing industry and the Internet to form a new industry enthusiasm, manufacturing development confidence, and prospects. It discusses the difficulties and vitality of China's manufacturing and tries to find a way to break the road. Also on the relationship between the real economy and the virtual economy, the analysis of the current industrial policy disputes, the three directions of China's manufacturing and global manufacturing, the ideological collision, the system construction and path implementation of China's manufacturing in the process of achieving high-end development, Provide a viable direction.





The guests of this forum are full of experts who have in-depth research on Chinese manufacturing, as well as entrepreneurs who are actively embracing China's new opportunities and fascinating entrepreneurs. Through the theme report or forum discussion, the above-mentioned reality is microscopic and high-profile. The issue will be exchanged and analyzed to create a feast of thought. It is worth noting that in China's manufacturing innovation around the innovation drive, intelligent transformation, green development, and the realization of the "system - intelligence - quality" upgrade iteration, they will raise their own insights and collide with more thought sparks.