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3D printing and additive manufacturing technology and its industrial application special opening in Beijing


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3D printing and additive manufacturing technology and its industrial application special opening in Beijing


China Packaging Network] Digital manufacturing, dimensional reduction manufacturing, stacked manufacturing... I did not expect so many methods of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology. On December 23, co-sponsored by the Science and Technology Communication Center of China Association for Science and Technology and the Beijing Association for Science and Technology, the 10th lecture of “Industry Frontier Technology Lecture Hall” hosted by Zhongguancun Tianhe Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Promotion Center—3D printing and additive manufacturing technology and Its industrial application special opening in Beijing, the lecture hall invited the industry leading experts to pre-study the productization, industrialization and marketization prospects of 3D printing technology, analyze investment opportunities, industrial opportunities, and lead value discovery and value realization.


3D printing technology is an integrated and innovative technology that makes full use of modern information technology, image processing technology, and new material technology innovations. 3D printing technology has become a hot spot in the world, and will lead many innovative industries such as 3D printing equipment, 3D printing materials, 3D printing applications, 3D printing services. Additive manufacturing triggered by 3D printing has become an innovative and advanced manufacturing industry.
This industry's leading-edge technology lecture hall is dedicated to the innovative entrepreneurs who are struggling to explore in the blue ocean field of 3D printing industry, the investors who are looking for opportunities, the insiders who are confused and confused, the industry pioneers who are eager to try, and the planning of the government industry. Provide strategic guidance. Bringing together industry experts, professional investors, leading companies, innovation and entrepreneurial groups, government experts and other cattle and people to deeply analyze and debate the whole path of industry-leading technologies in related fields, from technology to commodities to market, and explore the industries of cutting-edge technologies. Maturity, leading to value judgment, value discovery and value realization.
During the event, Professor Lin Feng, deputy director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University, gave a special report, president of 3D Power (Group), director of 3D Office of National Manufacturing Informationization Training Center, and vice chairman and executive secretary of National Integration and Innovation Promotion Alliance. Lu Junshang, deputy director of the Arrow Body Structure Design Office of the General Design Department of Aerospace First Academy (senior engineer) Wang Yuchao, senior management partner of Angel Bairenhui Foundation Zhou Luohong, general manager of Qinhuangdao Tianqin 3D Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Hao and other industries Experts will conduct a comprehensive discussion on the productization, industrialization, and marketization of 3D printing technology.

In 2016, the “Industry Frontier Technology Lecture Hall” will focus on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrial transformation and upgrading, and build a platform for communication between science and technology workers, local governments, investment institutions and industrial parks. The theme of the lecture series will cover 12 topics such as graphene technology and industrialization prospects, 5G communication technology, bio-enhancement technology, 3D printing technology, Beidou technology, quantum communication technology, etc. Currently, there have been 10 issues, and the activities have been carried out by all walks of life. The eager attention and reports from many mainstream media, Tencent video online live broadcast of the content of the lecture hall, the cumulative online hits of the event broke 20,000.