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County leaders to Huimin Economic Development Zone, high-efficiency economic zone survey


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County leaders to Huimin Economic Development Zone, high-efficiency economic zone survey

On December 13, Yin Meiying, secretary of the county party committee, deputy secretary of the county party committee and nominee candidate of the county magistrate Xia Peijian investigated the construction site of the Hongxing Meikailong project of Huimin Economic Development Zone, Kanghe Pharmaceutical Package, Longma Heavy Science, and high-efficiency economic zone Huihong New Materials Co., Ltd. Company, Chuangyuan Metal Technology Co., Ltd. County leaders Song Quanli and Yao Zhenxiang accompanied.
At the symposium held, Yin Meiying pointed out that after the new leadership team is in place, we must effectively use our energy for development, use wisdom for innovation, and conscientiously implement the target tasks with a new look and good style. In the process of economic development, we must pay attention to safety production, pay attention to environmental protection, and let the broad masses of people share the fruits of economic development. It is necessary to further improve the project construction, carefully plan a number of large projects and good projects, not only pay attention to the quality of the project, but also pay attention to the effect of production, but also pay attention to the optimization of industrial structure. It is necessary to accurately attract investment, pragmatic investment, focus on the combination of efficiency and efficiency, establish the government's concept of creating environment and creating wealth, create an investment environment for pro-business, security and wealth, and attract more investors to benefit investment.