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Company profile

Shandong Kanghe Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between China and pharmaceutical packaging materials technology (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. and Mr. He Shumin joint venture. The company was founded in 2010, the registered capital of 50 million yuan. Our main products are: medicinal, low in borosilicate glass tubes and vials, ampoules, glass prefillable, SACMI caps, and medicinal plastic packaging materials etc.. 

Medicinal, borosilicate glass tube and tube type bottle project has been started, the project plans to install 8 sets of automatic electric melting furnace, glass pipe production line 16; glass bottle production line 192; glass ampoule production line 30, pre filling production line 30, SACMI bottle and combination cover production line the 20 production lines. Has installed automatic electric melting furnace 2, No. 3 furnace under construction, medicinal, borosilicate glass tube production line 4 has been debugged and qualified products; domestic bottle production line 12 has been debugged and qualified products; imported bottle production line 40 are debugging; the 10 production lines have been debugged and qualified products; 1 SACMI closures are debugging. Overall project and placement of about 1000 people, to create a good economic and social benefits. 



The company is committed to the development of pharmaceutical packaging industry, leading pharmaceutical packaging industry trend, brand with technology and strength, to the quality of survival, in good faith to win the world, science and technology to lead the future, innovation driven development, for the new era and make unremitting efforts to create a national pharmaceutical packaging industry.